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About Fronation

FroNation represents the Afrocentric culture. From the darkest of black to the tannest of browns, and even shades that’s so light, you’d consider them white. It’s a brand made for the people, and inspired by the people. The comb w/ the Afro silhouette intertwined represents how the two are an inseparable duo and will forever be recognized as an important symbol to black culture. It represents our strength, our struggle, our style and our uniqueness. Fronited We Stand and Divided We Fall.

History of FroNation

There’s a history behind this hair-style but that story is quite long / So I’ll give you a shorter version as I continue on / It’s more than a hairdo, it’s more than a comb / Its more than the oil sheen you use to make the shine on it strong / See, back in the days of civil rights were we fought and died / For equality, because fairness and respect wasn’t on our side / The days of relaxing and conking our hair to blend in saw its demise / We embraced the fro because It represented empowerment, it represented our pride / It represented our culture and it represented it much / It represented a lot of things but most importantly, it represented us / It represented a style other races saw and try to imitate it / But its too unique to emulate it/ From America to Africa and even the land of the Asian / Its more than just a hairstyle to be fly or used for entertainment / It’s more than just a fad this style is forever stayin’ / This is blackness at its finest…this is FroNation